WWE Survivor Series Match Reportedly Canceled

WWE SmackDown star LA Knight was recently spotted wearing an arm brace on the latest edition of SmackDown. It seems that he wasn’t intimidated by his current rival Bray Wyatt when the two first crossed paths two weeks ago on WWE SmackDown. Knight was found buried and unconscious under the equipment last week on the blue brand. Last night, he appeared on the show with an arm brace indicating a possible injury, and canceling his rumored Survivor Series match with Wyatt.



LA Knight injury is kayfabe

LA Knight appeared during a backstage interview segment with Megan Morant during WWE SmackDown this week. The former Million Dollar Champion cut a promo on Bray Wyatt, all the whilst wearing an arm brace to sell his storyline injury from the attack last week.

“And that’s not an insult, that is just a fact of life.”

The two are bound to collide somewhere down the line. It remains to be seen what will Triple H have in store for the ongoing storyline between Knight and Bray Wyatt, who referenced The Fiend for the first time since returning to WWE during his promo on SmackDown tonight.

Bray Wyatt recently cut a promo in the ring during WWE SmackDown last night. Wyatt said was good at understanding people’s perception of him. He claimed he let his emotions got the worst of him two weeks ago on SmackDown. Wyatt claimed he wasn’t responsible for the attack on WWE SmackDown last week. He said people wanted to see The Fiend, but he won’t let his demons take control of him. The giant screen then showed Uncle Howdy and the mysterious person replayed Bray Wyatt’s past memories as the Eater of the Worlds and the master of Firefly Fun House. It has been noted that the promo ended with Uncle Howdy telling Wyatt to stop lying.

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