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WWE suspends two stars for violation of talent wellness policy

WWE is reporting that two of the company’s stars have been suspended:

STAMFORD, CONN., December 10, 2019 – WWE has suspended Eddie Colón (Primo) and Robert Roode each for 30 days effective immediately, for a first violation of the company’s talent wellness policy.

Primo has been working with his father’s promotion in Puerto Rico alongside Epico, while Roode was last seen at the end of November in a match against Roman Reigns on SmackDown. He was stretchered out when Roman Reigns dumped a table on him at the end of their bout.

  • Sparti Love

    Reigns was hit with this like 3yrs ago
    That’s the last one I recall. Maybe they don’t always announce it

  • Sparti Love

    True but the other wrestling companies should be concerned if that’s how the wrestler got released, plus good luck trying to return. Although wrestlers have returned to WWE leaving on bad terms, it’s only if WWE thinks they can make money on their return. It’s best to get released on the best terms possible

  • CC

    Been a long time since anyone violated this.

    Now if anyone wants out and is not being let go, just do it three times and that should confuse the hell out of WWE as to what they should do.

  • MT McGee

    That’s the first time in years that I can remember them reporting violations. I don’t know what shocks me more: the fact the Primo is still under contract or the fact that WWE remembers that they have him under contract.

  • Will Henderson

    i guess that explain why Robert Roode was given a “Stretcher job” almost 2 weeks ago on SmackDown.