WWE Tag Team Quits Company Before Raw

In the world of WWE, opportunities abound for Superstars to make their mark, but sometimes the fit isn’t quite right. In recent news, two NXT Superstars have ventured out on their own as their contracts with the company have seemingly come to an end.



One notable development in WWE’s NXT brand was a significant shift within The Schism stable. Joey Gacy, a prominent member, hinted at his newfound independence. While Ava may still be part of the picture, it appears that The Schism stable, as it was known, has come to an end. The future remains uncertain for Joe Gacy, who is now flying solo, and fans are left to wonder what’s next for him.

According to reports behind Fightful’s paywall, it has been confirmed that Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid, formerly known as Zack Gibson and James Drake, are no longer part of WWE’s roster. While their NXT contracts have not officially expired, the duo is poised to become free agents in the near future.

Though it was recently reported that the former Dyad were already free agents, they aren’t technically free and clear just quite yet. Though they did appear to finish up with WWE, sources in the company said that the team’s contracts actually still expire in mid-October. The duo are expected to officially leave the company at that point.

It was initially reported that the former Dyad tag team had already become free agents. However, sources within WWE clarified that their contracts are slated to officially conclude in mid-October. It is at this point that Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid are expected to bid farewell to the company.

What sets this situation apart is that Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid had requested their releases from WWE earlier this year, but their appeals were denied by the company. Despite not being part of the recent wave of roster cuts in WWE, their contracts are set to reach their conclusion on October 14th.

As they venture into the next chapter of their careers, it remains to be seen what opportunities await Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid outside of WWE. The wrestling world will be watching closely to see where these talented individuals land and what exciting ventures lie ahead for them.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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