WWE to take over talents’ Twitch account ownership in four weeks

WWE sent out a notice to the talents back in September to severe any and all business relationships with third party platforms. Vince McMahon gave the Superstars time till October 2 to terminate all such engagements.



It was mentioned in the letter he sent that failing to comply with the rule could lead to fine, suspension, or even termination of contract.

According to a report by Wrestling Inc., McMahon has sent another email to the talents this week reminding them that they have till this Friday to end third party activities.

WWE to take control of Twitch accounts

In a revision of the edict, WWE clarified that Superstars could hold on to their Twitch and YouTube accounts, but only under their real names. They were not to use the in-ring  character names that they use in WWE. However, they were to notify the company of any such account that they hold.

But WWE informed the talents this week that the company will now take over the ownership of their Twitch accounts. The change will come into effect in around four weeks, Wrestling Inc. reported.

However, the respective Superstars will receive a percentage of the revenue the company makes from their accounts, which counts against their downside guarantees. This will possibly affect the earnings of several WWE Superstars, including AJ Styles who regularly streams on his Twitch account.

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