WWE Talks to the Man That Builds Their Rings and Cages, Kane on Alex Jones Show, The Miz

– The Miz recently spoke with FOX Sports 1340 AM, as heard below:



– Kane will be a guest on today’s syndicated Alex Jones Radio Show at infowars.com.

– WWE’s website has an interesting new article up with Mark Carpenter, owner of MTJ Manufacturing in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Carpenter has built WWE’s rings for over 20 years and has built a total of 50 rings. More were recently ordered for WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando. Carpenter also builds WWE’s steel cages and has built them since the days of the blue bar steel cage. Carpenter talked about how they heated the ring for WrestleMania 29:

“The outer frames were the same, but we had to make special poles to bring the heat up. We hooked furnaces into the poles so warm air could blow up and out through holes in the poles.”

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