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WWE teases a possible new 205 Live star

205 Live’s general manager Drake Maverick has been scouting for talent, as you can see on his Twitter. Since his arrival back in January, his goal has been to make 205 Live a better wrestling show. It seems to be working, as the Cruiserweight Title Tournament has garnered a lot of praise from wrestling fans.

Recently, Maverick’s Twitter showed him scouting an NXT house show, and you can see him eyeing NXT’s newest acquisition, Ricochet.

Maverick said that he’s not only looking at Raw and Smackdown Live but also NXT. There was a certain NXT talent who was “released” recently in Johnny Gargano. Could we see Johnny Wrestling and Ricochet join the cruiserweights soon?

  • CC

    Two ways of looking at this. Firstly is the standard “they will be wasted on 205 Live”, which is totally understandable due to it’s lack of popularity.
    The second way of looking at it is for 205 Live to gain popularity, they need to get in better names.
    There is a hell of a lot of talent in the division, but very little star power. Does it not say everything about it that Enzo was considered a big name.

    They need talented guys, but the also need talented guys with personality, something lacking in a lot of the 205 roster. Let’s face it, Cedric Alexander has the personality of a plank of wood.