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WWE thinks AEW will implode owing to their own hype

AEW Fyter Fest concluded recently and it was a well-received event that did not disappoint. However, it failed to reach the streaming numbers that Double Or Nothing managed to get and some fans were disappointed with how the show was done.

As reported by Tom Colohue of Post Wrestling, he was told by a source in WWE that the general idea within the company is that AEW will eventually “implode.” This is due to the immense hype surrounding AEW and how they will fail to live up to the expectations.

“The feeling is that #AEW will implode under the weight of their own hype. Nobody here is feeling any pressure.” – #WWE source

AEW will be debuting its show on TNT in the Fall of this year. Hopefully, the company manages to get more interest from fans and are able to live up to expectations.

  • Mick Thomas

    Ouch, you really showed me.

  • CC

    yep, I agree your comment is the comment of a fool..

  • Mick Thomas

    Another comment from a fool.

  • Mike the Ike

    While AEW is enjoyable and a refreshing change, they are still riding high on a lot of hope and hype. While Double or Nothing was a great show, Fyter Fest was not that great. The Private Party match was very good, but the lights off/lights on after the match took too long. The dueling librarians thing is horrendous and up there Evad Sullivan as far as stupidity goes. Watching a man beat down Riho and Yuka was disgusting and a terrible match overall. The Cody/Darby match was a bore aside from the few big spots Darby took, though the last 3 minutes was good. Omega doesn’t feel like a big deal and his match with the Bucks vs Lucha Bros and Laredo was okay, but the fans were chanting “fight forever!” So, what the fans want is to see one team sell and take spot after spot from the Bucks and Omega? If that’s what you want, you are a big piece of what’s wrong with wrestling. Because none of those big spots were Omega or the Bucks taking big bumps. On top of that, for the second straight month, the Bucks beat the Lucha Bros in AEW. I don’t want to watch a promotion where Cody, Omega, and the Bucks be on top all the time. I understand Omega needing a win since he lost last month, but then you don’t put him in this match. The Moxley match was a senseless train wreck, not saying that’s a bad thing, but it is what it is. The post match with Omega went on far too long though. People are going to start seeing through this and see what the product for what it is and what it is, right now, is some great wrestling with nepotistic booking and no sense of pacing.

  • CC

    Another story with zero legitimacy to it.

  • I have a feeling that they will end up going down the same path as TNA. A once great company with a superior product to WWE but eventually things go off the rails and they will struggle to survive.

  • Keith Learmonth

    If the attendance for for Fyter Fest and the slow ticket sales for Fight for the Fallen tell us anything, it’s that for AEW to succeed, they need to stick to wrestling cities. I hope they can do well, but as it stands right now, they’re following a weirdly similar path to WWE, with a lot less money behind them, having a PPV with sections tarped off, and another one selling slowly.

    (And before someone is like “The Khan family is richer than Vince!”, yes. Yes they are, but they’re not investing all of that into AEW)