WWE Three Major Imminent Returns Spoiled

WWE is set to hit the road once again starting from tonight’s Friday Night SmackDown. It turns out the company has some major returns lined up for the fans as they make their way back to the shows.



Becky Lynch, Goldberg and John Cena could return soon

The names of John Cena, Goldberg and Becky Lynch have been pitched.

Cena has been slated to return for a match against WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Goldberg could be back to face WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. Both the matches have been planned for SummerSlam pay-per-view. Former WWE Champion Returns To Smackdown Tonight

There was an “all hands on deck” meeting yesterday where staffers were told that raises are coming back. Those staffers were also informed that WWE will soon have “souped-up” rosters, and it will happen in the upcoming few weeks.

“The company has several returns lined up, even beyond what has been outright reported over the past week.”

It was also reported that WWE employees were told to “make their best pitches over this period,” because WWE wants to present the best product possible for the live fans. The situation has now turned quite unpredictable.

As per the reports, Lynch will be at Money in the Bank, but it was not reported that she will make an on-screen appearance. WWE also planning for some NXT call-ups as well.

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