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WWE to bring another female for Saudi Arabia event

WWE has followed Saudi Arabia’s rules since the beginning of their ten-year partnership. This explains why women were not allowed to compete. However, that might be changing now.

It was reported that Natalya and Renee Young will be going to Saudi Arabia for WWE Super Showdown. Young will be doing her role as commentary. She did the same during WWE Crown Jewel event as well. However, Natalya’s case is a different one.

As reported by Fightful, Alexa Bliss is scheduled to appear for the event in Saudi Arabia as well. It is unclear whether she will be competing in a match or not as details have not been given yet.

It is also reported that ” WWE chartered a flight out of San Antonio and it was a major upgrade from the cramped conditions last go around.”

We will keep you updated regarding the Saudi Arabia event when we learn more.

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