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WWE to have fewer house shows next year

WWE has been undergoing a lot of changes as of late since they are moving in a new direction starting from October of this year. Perhaps that will help in increasing television ratings. This might mean there will not be as many house shows anymore.

As reported by Brad Shepard, it is stated: “According to a source in #WWE, the company will have a lighter live event schedule in late-2020.”

The source further expounded on the matter and said that the reason for this was so that the company would not have to do an off-season, which was apparently suggested by Roman Reigns.

The source elaborated that nobody wants to be “that person,” but it’s been the elephant in the room for a while. Roman Reigns pitched the idea of an offseason, which I’m told will never happen, but it made them think about being able to curb injuries and frustrations more often.

This is the start of further changes to come in the company and we wonder how different the landscape in WWE will be in a year’s time.

  • david young

    With all the wrestlers on the roster, there is no reason for them to be broken as much as they all. They can still have an event booked every single day of the week, but if each brand takes a 3rd of the dates everyone will be better off. RAW stars could work sunday to wednesday, NXT stars could work Wednesday to Friday and Smackdown stars could work Friday to Sunday for shows.

  • Rinn13

    The way that WWE runs their wrestlers into the ground until they literally break down is ridiculous. And yes, I know full well that “back in the day they worked even more”. That isn’t a good thing. There’s a reason that pro sports leagues have off-seasons, because bodies need downtime, to rest, to heal, etc.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    In over a year, the schedule might get reduced. It’s the best we can do.