WWE To Hire New McMahon Family Member?

Declan James McMahon, the son of Shane McMahon, has chosen Indiana University as his college football home. Recently, he even made a cameo on WWE television, and McMahon has since made it obvious that he is not opposed to joining WWE.



The Indiana Hoosiers’ Declan McMahon, a running back, was photographed at the Fastlane Premium Live Event earlier this month. Prior to that, he made his father’s entrance at WrestleMania 32 memorable by walking beside him.

While speaking to WU Online, Declan McMahon was asked about possibly joining WWE somewhere down the line. McMahon made it clear that he doesn’t rule out joining WWE and added that he believes he would be good at it.

‘‘I’m never ruling it out. I would love get in the ring a couple times, but you have to see if the opportunity presents itself, it’s all about the story, we’ll see. I think a lot of fans would get behind it if we ended up doing it. I think I would be pretty good at it. You never know, never ruling an option out. As for now, focusing on football and school and we’ll play it by ear.”

When asked if he has any aspirations to play in the NFL or the XFL, McMahon said he would love to play in the NFL, but there are plenty of options for him.

“You never know. Obviously, you know my Grandfather (Vince McMahon) owned the XFL before he sold it,” Declan McMahon said. “Obviously, you know there’s options, and I think it’s one of those things if the opportunity presents itself.

“I would love to obviously play in the NFL, but if that opportunity doesn’t come, there’s obviously so many options: family business, things like that. So you never know. But in terms of aspirations, whenever duty calls, or whatever opportunity presents itself I’d be willing to jump on it.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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