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WWE to unveil a new title on RAW

A new title is on its way. During the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, WWE made an interesting announcement that surely spiced things up.

WWE announced that WWE Hall of Famer and former RAW GM Mick Foley will be returning to RAW this week and will unveil the company’s newest title.

Speculations suggest that it could very well be the return of the “Hardcore Championship” since Foley has quite the history with the title. However, others are of the opinion that it might actually be Intergender Tag Team belts and a new division will be made.

Either way, speculations are just speculations and nothing can be said for sure until the revelation is ultimately made tomorrow night. This is an interesting move on WWE’s part to tackle the rating problem and a lot of buzz is already being created.

What do you think this new Title will be? Let the speculations begin…


  • Yespage

    TV Title would be new to WWE/WWF. They retired the Hardcore Title to Foley, so that can work too.

    But they’ll probably just announce the Lesnar belt.

  • Sparti Love

    What about the green WWE title that Strowman won last year at the Great Royal Rumble? Maybe he’ll defend it against 50 wrestlers at the Super Showdown!

  • Matthew Carter

    The Wildcard Championship since Brock is going to be holding the Universal Championship hostage again come Saudi, or the WWE Championship hostage come SummerSlam (if he does go to SmackDown in time for their move to Fox), until either Royal Rumble 2020 or WrestleMania 36 when he retires.

  • Keith Learmonth

    If I was told I absolutely had to come up with a new title, I’d make it the Network Championship. Can be defended on any network show, so, all PPV’s, NXT, 205 Live (if the champion is a CW), and NXT UK.

  • Just-j

    I don’t think it will be intergender it will be transgender and they’ll give it to Charlotte… forever

  • Sparti Love

    They need to make a belt just for Lesnar so he can stop wasting the Raw championship

  • CC

    Cannot even get the womens tag team championship onto the PPV and unveiling a new championship … that makes sense.

  • Rinn13

    Just what WWE needs. A solid dozen championships belts, further making all of them irrelevant.

    Also, it drips with irony, considering Foley was the one who cameod back in 2001 after the Invasion was over, consolidating all the WCW/WWF belts, because, and I quote, “Having so many titles makes devalues them all”.

  • Grant Thomson

    The Elite championship to troll AEW