WWE Top Name Calls Donald Trump After Sale

According to Axios, former President Trump’s recent appearance at a night of UFC fights in Las Vegas and his guest appearance on a UFC podcast has garnered attention and raised eyebrows. It reflects his longtime obsessions with combat sports and crafting a macho image. This comes at a time when Trump is facing potential legal challenges, including the possibility of being indicted for the third and fourth time.



Throughout his political career, Trump has cultivated an image of toughness and warrior-like persona, appealing to his base by positioning himself as a champion of conservative causes and the working class. He has aligned himself with the UFC, a sport known for its combative nature, and defended country music star Jason Aldean, who faced criticism for a controversial video.

Trump’s presence on social media and his Truth Social platform has also been marked by him sharing videos that showcase his toughness and determination, using old audio clips of him making threats against opponents. He has consistently presented himself as a protector of working-class Americans, focusing on issues that concern their way of life and livelihoods.

The former president’s affection for UFC dates back over two decades when his hotels hosted UFC fights at a time when the sport was considered too violent by many. UFC President Dana White has credited Trump with recognizing the potential of the sport and encouraging its growth.

However, not everyone in the UFC orbit shares the same enthusiasm for Trump. Podcaster Joe Rogan, a significant voice among UFC fans, has declined multiple invitations to have Trump on his podcast, citing his lack of support for the former president. Despite this, Rogan and Trump exchanged greetings with a handshake at the recent UFC fight.

UFC’s audience consists mainly of young and predominantly male viewers, making it a natural platform for Trump’s campaign efforts. His presence at UFC 290 led fighters celebrating their victories to acknowledge him in various ways, underscoring his popularity among certain segments of the fan base.

  • Trump also calls Ari Emanuel, whose entertainment agency owns UFC and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), “a very good friend. He calls me a lot. I call him a lot, and we talk.”

  • In 2016, Emanuel — the brother of Rahm Emanuel, Biden’s ambassador to Japan and a former chief of staff to President Obama — was considered for a White House post, Axios reported then.

Trump’s admiration for fighters like Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington, as well as his regular communication with UFC President Dana White and entertainment agency owner Ari Emanuel, highlights his connection to the world of combat sports and professional wrestling.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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