WWE Top Name ‘Dismissed’ In Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Matt Riddle is still facing a ‘Speaking Out’ lawsuit from Samantha Tavel, but WWE and Gabe Sapolsky, a top NXT writer, were both tossed as defendants today. Matt Riddle’s request to be dismissed was rejected by Judge Manish S Shah. Tavel failed to make a solid case against WWE and Sapolsky jurisdiction wise, as she couldn’t prove she lost bookings due to her claims against Riddle.



The ruling states, “Further decreasing the event’s relevance, Ms. Tavel does not allege that Mr. Riddle assaulted her during the event. Instead, she claims Mr. Riddle assaulted her “after the Evolve event . . . while on a bus leaving the event,” a bus that was neither provided by Mr. Sapolsky nor Evolve. In fact, the bus was not even a bus, but an old van belonging to and driven by Mr. Ranta. Moreover, Mr. Sapolsky was not in Mr. Ranta’s van with Riddle and Tavel, and had no knowledge of the events once the couple left the Evolve 104 show.

Accordingly, any connection between the Evolve event or Mr. Sapolsky and the Complaint’s allegations terminated long before the alleged assault that forms the basis of the Complaint had occurred. Indeed, as the Complaint make clear, the alleged assault did not occur until after Mr. Ranta began driving his personal van and its passengers from the Indiana Denny’s to his Michigan home.”

Tavel sued Riddle, WWE, and Sapolsky for $10 million each.

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