WWE Top Name Exposes Stephanie McMahon As Fraud

Shawn Michaels, the iconic WWE legend, has left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling. Known as “The Heartbreak Kid” and celebrated as Mr. WrestleMania, his in-ring performances are the stuff of legend. While he may have hung up his wrestling boots, he continues to be a prominent figure in the wrestling world as he takes on a pivotal role in running WWE’s developmental brand, NXT. Despite his busy schedule, Michaels still finds time to engage with the wrestling community on social media, and recently, one of his Twitter activities has raised eyebrows.



It all began when a tweet surfaced on the platform, claiming that Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, is unfit to inherit the WWE empire. This statement struck a chord with wrestling enthusiasts and ignited a debate about the future leadership of the company. Stephanie McMahon had previously taken a leave of absence to prioritize her family before returning amidst the turmoil surrounding her father’s investigation in 2022. Her return to work was met with mixed reactions, and her subsequent resignation followed Vince McMahon’s comeback as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The notion of Stephanie McMahon inheriting WWE had been a topic of discussion among fans and insiders alike. Many believed that she was the natural successor to her father, given her long-standing involvement with the company. However, Shawn Michaels’ recent Twitter activity has cast doubt on whether he shares this sentiment. His decision to like a tweet that criticized Stephanie’s ability to lead the company raised questions about his stance on the matter.

Some argue that Vince McMahon has every right to decide the fate of WWE, as he is the one who built the wrestling empire from the ground up. To them, it’s a matter of personal choice and legacy. They contend that if Vince wants to cash out or pass the reins to someone else, it should be entirely his decision.

Additionally, there are those who question Stephanie’s leadership abilities, citing instances where she may not have lived up to the expectations set for someone in her position. For instance, her handling of confrontations with legendary figures like Dusty Rhodes in promos or her claims of credit for the women’s revolution in WWE have been sources of controversy and criticism.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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