WWE Top Name Fired Due To Sasha Banks?

WWE recently saw a departure and it’s Ryan Callahan, who was the former Head Writer for SmackDown. He left last week and the reason for his exit has been revealed, and it ties into Sasha Banks and her main writer going to AEW.



It has been reported that longtime WWE creative writer John Swikata was promoted to lead writer for WWE SmackDown as of last week. Swikata replaced Ryan Callahan, who has parted ways with WWE.

As per Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was indicated that while Callahan was highly talented, he faced challenges due to interpersonal dynamics and criticisms related to Jennifer Pepperman’s departure, which some link to Mercedes Mone’s move to AEW.

“We were told that Callahan was considered a very talented writer but wasn’t as well liked as the leader of the group. He took heat for Jennifer Pepperman leaving (although I think her leaving is more Mercedes Mone got her into AEW). It was also said it became harder for underneath talent to reach him. But he was believed to be burned out by the pressure and need for diplomacy from the position.”

There were concerns that it became difficult for lower-level talent to communicate with him. However, the pressures of diplomacy and burnout likely contributed to his decision to step down.

“The feeling was he just wanted to write the show and not be a guy working to get along with everyone.”

During Callahan’s run, SmackDown became a major success, consistently ranking as the top show on Friday nights and often the highest-rated entertainment program of the week, though it competes against network television shows with larger audiences. Despite his success, Callahan preferred a more focused writing role than navigating interpersonal challenges.

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