WWE Top Name Got Bray Wyatt Fired

The release of the former WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt has been quite a shocker to the fans. It is one of the biggest layoffs in recent months. It was previously reported that Wyatt was creatively frustrated with his spot in WWE. The creative direction of his character was not working out and WWE took it in a completely different direction. The former WWE star Mickie James also took a shot at how WWE took his gimmick and handed it off.



Nick Khan was the brain behind the release of Bray Wyatt?

Now, it turns out that WWE President Nick Khan could be the one behind his release. It has been noted how he has been leading the ‘budget cuts’ in recent months. Nick Khan had Wyatt on lists of potential earlier WWE rounds of firings. So, there is a possibility he was the one to bring up the name of Wyatt. Alexa Bliss Makes ‘Bold Move’ After Bray Wyatt Firing

It was reported that Johnny Ace called up Wyatt and told him that “budget cuts” were the reason for his release. According to Fightful Select, WWE actually considered firing Bray Wyatt in one of their previous rounds of cuts.

Wyatt’s name was actually brought up during another recent round of cuts. There have been multiple wrestlers that were discussed but ended up being held on to.

The fact is that “budget cuts” is a strange reason to fire someone who was pulling in so much merchandise money. We will update you when more details are released regarding this matter.

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