WWE Top Name Threatened To Fire Edge

AEW star Matt Hardy and WWE Hall of Famer Edge shared bad blood back in the day and it is no secret. Hardy recently recalled how the former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had threatened to fire him and the ‘Rated R Superstar’ if they would intentionally hurt each other during their WWE match at SummerSlam 2005.



Matt Hardy reveals what Vince McMahon said

The Rated R Superstar and Hardy had one of the iconic feuds in 2005 and their real-life controversy played a huge role in the same. While Hardy was out due to an injury, it was revealed that his girlfriend at the time, Lita, cheated on him with Edge.

In a recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the former WWE star revealed that the conflict caused some worry to Mr. McMahon:

“We’re sitting and the first thing Vince says, he says, ‘Adam (Edge), Matt, you know, the WWE is my company, right?’ He says, ‘You know that this event, SummerSlam, is my event that I created, right? We both go, ‘Yes.’ He says, ‘You know that I have rented this venue for the night, right? So this is basically my arena. Do you understand that?’ We go, ‘Yes.’ He said, you know, that wrestling ring out there? That is my wrestling ring. Do you understand that? He said.”

Matt went on to continue and said that Vince threatened them and said that neither of them will work in the industry again if they hurt each other:

“I’m going to tell you about this right now. If either one of you go out there tonight and try and take liberties with each other, if you try and intentionally hurt one another, I am the most powerful man in this industry. I promise you neither one of you will ever work a day in this industry again. Do you understand? We go, ‘Yeah, sure. We understand.'”

You can check out the video clip below:

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