WWE Top Raw Star ‘Ready To Quit’ Company?

Corey Graves started out wrestling and then sadly found himself in announcing. While many enjoy what Graves has brought to the table as far as announcing goes; Graves may not be feeling this way. Yes, that’s correct. Graves seems to be going down a depression slump if the tweet that he just put out holds any merit towards his career and what he will be doing next. Aleister Black Drops Sad Zelina Vega Bombshell.



Corey Graves took to Twitter recently to state the following: “I was put on this earth to do something. What I’m doing is not it.” Many are speculating that this could mean Graves will be leaving the company soon. It could also be taken that Graves wants to wrestle again. Now, whether or not Graves will go back to the ring (unlikely) or if he will be leaving WWE in general is all really a toss up.

Tweets such as these are incredibly hard to read correctly as everyone wants to be so mysterious when coming straight out is probably just the best thing to do. Either way, whatever Graves does, his supporters are fully behind his next move no matter what he may choose to do.

We will have to watch this closely.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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