WWE Top Star Caught ‘Swearing’ On Raw

Bobby Lashley said Kofi Kingston was right that MVP is part of the reason he’s lost his edge. “I lost to Xavier Woods!…” He also said, “I appreciate what you’ve done, but this bulls*** needs to stop now. Back to business.”



The former WWE star Chris Jericho was seemingly jealous of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle during the high rise in his career. The Olympic Gold Medalist had an illustrious career in WWE and was able to bag multiple World titles. He had even shared ring with Jericho in the past as well. Daniel Bryan ‘Secret Deal’ Rumor Leaks?

Kurt Angle believes Chris Jericho had professional jealousy

Angle recently addressed the matter during The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows.com. He m was asked whether Jericho had any professional jealousy towards him during his rise to the top-tier.

Angle stated that Jericho never expressed anything vocally but he reckons that Jericho was frustrated at Angle getting a huge push despite being new to the company.

Here is what he had to say:

“No, no, I felt it. It was, you know, it rang true. Chris never talked about it, but I’m sure he thought about that because there is no doubt. We both started around the same time, and you know he came in from WCW, and I started in WWE. Some of my first programs were with Chris Jericho, and it seemed like I elevated a lot quicker, and I was very, very, very new to the business. Chris had been wrestling for at least a decade. So, I was just surprised that they didn’t elevate Chris as quickly as they elevated me, and you know, for whatever reason it was, maybe because it was he came in from WCW.”

Jericho is currently having a great stint in AEW and he has also been the AEW World Champion, while Angle is currently retired from pro wrestling.

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