WWE Top Star Reveals Three Way At Hotel

Logan Paul took to Twitter and uploaded a screenshot of a conversation he had with a girl, where it was claimed that the girl and another person had a threesome with Dillon Danis and that he was scared Logan Paul was trying to set him up.



Nina Agdal has obtained a temporary restraining order against MMA fighter Dillon Danis due to alleged harassment on social media. This action comes ahead of Danis’s scheduled fight with Agdal’s fiancé, Logan Paul, on October 14, and follows weeks of online harassment directed at Agdal.

As of Thursday, Danis, aged 30, is prohibited from “posting content in any way depicting or portraying Plaintiff that Defendant knows or has reason to believe was never meant to be shared publicly or was obtained without consent,” according to TMZ Sports. Agdal, aged 31, sought the restraining order while filing a lawsuit on Wednesday.

Agdal’s lawsuit claims that Danis posted over 250 “despicable” social media uploads about her in the month since his fight with Paul was announced. Among these posts, she alleged that Danis shared a sexually explicit photo of her taken over a decade ago during a “romantic encounter,” and he did so without her consent.

The legal filing also pointed out that Danis had repeatedly used derogatory terms to describe Agdal in his uploads. Moreover, in an August tweet, Danis threatened to share “actually insane” images of Agdal that would lead to legal repercussions.

After Agdal initiated the lawsuit, Danis took to Twitter to criticize her legal action, stating that he won’t stop and challenging the system. He also made contentious remarks about Paul. It’s important to note that despite Danis’s claims, Agdal is reportedly not seeking prison time in connection with this matter.

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