WWE Top Wrestler Admits To Paige ‘Affair’

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and Paige were in a relationship a few years ago and for many, it was a cause of concern for Paige’s wellbeing. They also had a very bad break up several years ago and the effects of it are still on full display for both parties. Paige revealed horrifying sexism in WWE as well. 



Alberto Del Rio recently emerged from a long hiatus and spoke to Lucha Libre Online’s Hugo Savinovich, where he talked about his relationship with Paige. Apart from that, he also addressed the multiple charges levelled against him last year by an ex-girlfriend of his.

Del Rio revealed that he had cheated on his ex-girlfriend, which led to a lot of hatred.

“It was a problem between my partner and I in which unfortunately I made a mistake; I committed infidelity in our own house that caused anger, resentment, and excessive hatred of the person who was supposed to be the woman of all my life, lifetime.”

She dropped the charges; she did not just drop them; she had the courage to speak to the authorities and told them that it was for domestic violence, but that at no time was there a kidnapping because we had lived together for a long time and that there was never an assault. Sexual, that this rumor that is out there is ridiculous, about me trying to affect her son, little Matías, the boy was not even in the house.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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