WWE Tough Enough Winner Getting Back Into Wrestling, Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania?, JBL’s Wife

– In the video below, Title Match Wrestling talks to former WWE Tough Enough winner and MMA fighter Daniel Puder at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling event. Puder announces that he’s getting back into the wrestling business with his own promotion. He also talks about being on Tough Enough, the infamous shoot incident with Kurt Angle and more.



– JBL’s wife Meredith Whitney is being sued by BlueCrest Capital Opportunities for allegedly refusing their request to return an investment that is now worth $46 million. The suit was filed in December in Bermuda, where she and JBL reside, but BlueCrest filed a new suit in New York last week and will be dropped the Bermuda suit. Whitney told Bloomberg.com that the lawsuit is an attempt to destroy her American Revival Fund.

– Jim Ross mentioned in his latest blog that Shawn Michaels has been approached to do “something special at WM31 in Arlington, Texas.” Presumably JR meant WrestleMania 32, which takes place from Arlington next year. We should know more about what Shawn was asked to do after JR posts their interview.

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