WWE ‘Trying To Erase’ Bray Wyatt?

Although Bray Wyatt or his devil-ish alter ego, the Fiend have not been on WWE programming in quite some time, he has consistently been one of WWE’s most popular acts. However, could WWE be conditioning fans to try and forget about Wyatt and the Fiend? At least for a little while that seems it very well could be the case. This fired WWE star recently posted an emotional Bray Wyatt photo.



During tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, a video package for Alexa Bliss was shown. Bliss has been famously associated with Wyatt for quite some time now. However, during this package, all references to Wyatt and the Fiend were amazingly, scrubbed.

WrestleZone made note of this development and took to social media via Twitter to tweet out the following: “Based on that Bliss video package, is WWE trying to erase The Fiend?”

In response, one member of the WWE universe and fellow Twitter user – John Cupps replied: “I wondered the same thing? Does that mean they want to forget the Fiend? Or Bray Wyatt who hasn’t been on TV for a couple of months?”

The Fiend has not been on WWE programming ever since losing to ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton in surprising and shocking during night two of WWE WrestleMania 37.

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