WWE ‘Turn Down’ Charlotte Flair Romance Storyline

Charlotte Flair recently asked WWE for an Andrade pairing on television to help him get back on, but was turned down by WWE according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Andrade had a great run in NXT where he even went on to win the NXT Championship and competed in several top matches. His main roster run in comparison was lacklustre, to say the least. He has not been seen on WWE television since October of last year and also had reportedly asked for his release recently. He would also confirm this fact on Twitter yesterday. Paul Heyman also reacted to his booking recently. 



Now it seems he is already preparing to leave WWE and go elsewhere, perhaps to AEW. Andrade has trademarked the name ‘La Sombra’ for the US and is very likely to be using that name once he leaves WWE.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Andrade might be going back to his masked look that he used when he used to compete in Mexico.

“He has trademarked the name La Sombra for the U.S. so it does seem like his goal is to use that name. He can’t work without a mask in CMLL since he lost his mask before he went to WWE, actually because he went to WWE. But Rey Mysterio lost his mask and spent years wrestling without a mask, and then went to WWE and put the mask back on and it was the greatest thing for his career and that could work the same for Andrade.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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