WWE Untold: The Champ Is Here clips for new WWE Network special

WWE Untold returns with a new episode on the WWE Network this coming Sunday.



The new episode, dubbed “The Champ Is HeRe,” features a look back at the classic WWE rivalry between John Cena and WWE Hall of Fame legend Adam “Edge” Copeland.

On Thursday, WWE released a special sneak peek to promote the release of WWE Untold: The Champ Is HeRe ahead of the premiere this Sunday, September 20, 2020 on the WWE Network.

In the preview clip for the 9/20 premiere of the popular WWE Network original documentary series, Cena and Edge both reflect back on their epic Tables, Ladders & Chairs match from the WWE Unforgiven 2006 pay-per-view.

“The goal should be, out of every storyline, is that both characters come away from it stronger,” Edge noted in the trailer for the new episode of WWE Untold. “Hulk Hogan had Roddy Piper, and I wanted to be Roddy Piper to John’s Hulk Hogan.”

For his part, Cena spoke about celebrating after the iconic showdown with “The Rated-R Superstar” with his father.

“I loved that match and the only one I could celebrate with after is my dad,” Cena recalled. “For that moment, I can’t hear anything. I could just hear my father’s breath.”

Watch the WWE Untold: The Champ Is HerE sneak peek clip via the YouTube video embedded below, and subscribe to the WWE Network today to enable yourself the ability to tune in to the premiere of the new documentary special this Sunday night, September 20th.

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Matt Boone
Matt Boone
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