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WWE warned more nude leaks on the way, is Kevin Owens one of them?

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WWE has been hit a few times with the nude photo leak bomb in the last few months. People who were associated with the pro wrestling giant have been victim of the leaks as well. Paige, Xavier Woods, Victoria, Maria Kanellia, Charlotte Flair, and more have been targeted and now WWE has been warned more nude photos and videos could be on the way.

While it is uncertain at this time, Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful reports WWE has been warned about the possibility that more photos and videos of a very private nature could be leaked sooner than later.

If this is true WWE really doesn’t need that kind of publicity. They were able to deal with what has happened to them already but who knows what the straw to break the proverbial camel’s back might be. The company recently had a backstage meeting about internet security but these leaks could have always been acquired well before those new social media tactics were implemented.

Only time will tell, but let’s hope these reports are false just for the sake of all the WWE Superstars who could be possibly involved

If you’re wondering who will be next on the list of nude leaks, you can count out one Superstar. Kevin Owens recently had a little occurrence when some nude photos were put online claiming to be him. KO was very quick to jump on these nude photo allegations and denounce them as false.

Kevin went on to say that these claims are ridiculous and laughable. He also said there are some pathetic people out there who should get a life. KO wasn’t done there though as he remarked that if someone thinks those photos are actually of him then they’re “as dumb as the morons who started this stupidity.”

Never one to shy away from cracking a joke, Matt Jackson from The Young Bucks chimed in for a hilarious little remark which you can read below and have a chuckle at.

  • Darrin Tyler

    I highly doubt Kevin of all people would take pics of him self nude. I mean seriously people….I don’t even understand why anyone takes pictures of them self nude to begin with. This whole nude photo thing makes absolutely no sense to me anyway. And I also agree with Kevin to say that its laughable especially about images of him. Why would anyone care about seeing Kevin nude to begin with? I suppose anyone that’s into over weight guys I guess.

  • oppa

    I feel bad for the people who are targeted in this. No one has the right to release stuff like this without consent. But on the other hand, if you don’t take pics and videos of you nude, this can’t happen.

  • oppa

    Again? Did she ever wear clothes when she’s not in public?

  • David B

    there are new ones of Paige out already …

  • TheFizPop

    Well the marks will blow the load of a billion unsullied if Owens is one of them! Even the leaks are pandering to the marks though, gotta love it!