WWE ‘Wiping Out’ Two Divisions With Firings?

Amid the merging of WWE and UFC to form TKO Group Holdings, significant names have departed WWE in a major layoff spree. However, on-air talents haven’t been released.



PWInsider.com reported that two divisions are getting wiped out hard, “The latest on the WWE layoffs is that we have heard both the WWE Network and Podcasting divisions have been hit with employees being let go, but we haven’t confirmed who or how many from those areas.”

PW Insider reports that they have not heard about any talent being released today. It appears that the layoffs today are only on a corporate level.

“For those who have asked, we have been told there are no plans for talent cuts today.”

It has been noted the merger between UFC and WWE has been completed which ended Vince McMahon’s historic era. Endeavor and WWE made the announcement that the deal has closed leading to the formation of TKO Group Holdings.

Former CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon takes the role of executive chairman of TKO Group. Under the new deal, McMahon will own 16.4% of the economic interests in TKO (and 16.4% of the voting power in the new entity.

PW Insider reported that Jamie Horowitz is no longer with WWE. Horowitz served as the promotion’s Executive Vice President of Development and Digital. Horowitz was hired by WWE in June 2021 after previously serving as Executive Vice President of Global Content for DAZN.

It has been noted by Sapp as well that Catherine Newman is no longer with the promotion. Newman started with WWE in June 2022, and throughout her tenure oversaw Marketing, Brand, Community Relations, Entertainment Relations, Creative Services, and Photography.

Newman was WWE’s Executive Vice President and Head Of Marketing. She previously worked as Chief Marketing Officer for Manchester United Media.  Meanwhile, Amanda Bloom, WWE’s Director, Enterprise Master Data & Governance, is also no longer with the promotion.

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