Former WWE Women’s Champion Won’t Be On Raw, Rey Mysterio To Face Daniel Bryan

– Madusa, who captured the WWE Women’s Championship as Alundra Blayze, says she will not be on hand for tonight’s historic 1000th episode of Raw due to “prior engagements.”



“Good luck, congrats and many blessings to all that have a wonderful and historical time at WWE 1000 epic night! Don’t forget to watch….. Your one and only …..STILL WWE’s/WWF’s champion! Just to set it straight… I will not be there. Prior engagements,” she wrote on Facebook.

Shane Helms, formerly known as The Hurricane, also confirmed that he will not be on the show due to his contractual status with another wrestling organization.

– Rey Mysterio is scheduled to face Daniel Bryan at the August 9 SmackDown live event in Tokyo, Japan.

– Sid Vicious spoke to about his son Frank not telling other Big Brother houseguests who his dad and possibly appearing on tonight’s historic Raw episode celebrating 1,000 episodes.


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