WWE Women’s Champion’s Response Following Slam From “The Beautiful People”

This week’s episode of TNA Wrestling’s new behind the scenes program ReACTION saw the recently reunited pairing of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky slam those who have attempted to imitate The Beautful People stable over the years.



Love charged during the pseudo-shoot program, “We created a group that has been like no other for women in professional wrestling. People have tried to be like this. People wanted to join us. No can do.”

Sky added, “And for all you wannabe Beautiful People girls out there… you know exactly who I’m talking about, get a life. You will never be us.”

Angelina then cryptically noted, “And you’re not cool by the way. You’re not cool.”

Some have interpreted their message as a thinly veiled potshot towards WWE Diva alliance Lay-Cool — Michelle McCool and Women’s Champion Layla. Both have directed similar remarks towards rival performers in the past, with Love recently stating the following on her Facebook account while watching television: “So this is what I get for quickly flipping thru the channels on a friday night……a blonde & a brunette blatantly ripping something off……..BRUTAL!!!”

Apparently in response to the TNA Knockouts’ most recent remarks, Layla said the following on Twitter yesterday:

“Living the dream & so blessed!!
1 thing I know when u r attacked u have 2 decide if it’s worth the time & effort to retaliate
Not worth the press
Plus don’t deserve the press we get even tho they want it & need it 🙂

Real talk”

It was reported this past June in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the Lay-Cool act was concocted due to WWE’s creative department being embarrassed by The Beautiful People making their female performers look second-rate by comparison.

To view The Beautiful Peoples’ ReACTION promo, click here.

See photo of Jake Roberts holding his dentures ->

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