WWE Wrestler Hired As Chippendales Dancer

The Blue Meanie confirmed that ECW, WWE, and WCW legend The Sandman was once hired as a Chippendales dancer.



Blue Meanie said on That Was Extreme on AdFreeShows.com, “We all know Bar Rescue, right? With Jon Taffer… well he owned a club. He’s infamous for opening night clubs all around the world. That’s why he got the Bar Rescue gig. He had a club in Philly called Pulsations and if you’ve seen Rocky III with the robot and all that stuff, that was Jon Taffer’s robot. Jon Taffer had that robot built for his nightclub Pulsations, which they worked into the movie Rocky.”

“Coming back to Sandman, they would have a night at Pulsations where they would have Chippendale dancers and Sandman danced for Chippendales pre-wrestling career. He had long blonde hair. He looked like Stunning Steve Austin when Stunning Steve Austin had long blonde hair. I guess he was young and in shape and did some Chippendale dance at Pulsations for Jon Taffer.

Pulsations was famous in the Philadelphia area for having this UFO that would come over the nightclub and one night a felon killed somebody and they took the dead person out and continued to party. Mid to late 80s Philadelphia nightclub scene, John Taffer owns Pulsations, which essentially goes on to hire James Fullington, aka The Sandman, as a Chippendales dancer.”

“I’ve asked Hak, do you still have photos and he’s like ‘ah, my mom’s probably got them somewhere’ or ‘my mom probably threw them out.’” WrestlingNews.co transcribed Meanie’s remarks.

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