Former WWE Writer Talks About Heated Argument with Vince McMahon

Former WWE writer Alex Greenfield recently talked with MLWrestling about a verbal exchange with Vince McMahon that came close to exchanging blows. Here is the story.



“Now that I think about it, I can’t remember what arena it was but it was over the stupidest f–king thing in the world. It was during the thing when it was Shane and Vince vs. DX and we were doing some silly, little backstage pre-tape. This isn’t even a live show. This is something we’re taping earlier in the day to feed back into the show.

“So, Snitzky and a couple other guys are watching DX make fun of Vince and Shane on the monitor. Then, we come out of the monitor, and we see the guys laughing at all the hilarity of Shawn and Hunter — which is a whole other issue — and then you do the slow reveal that Shane and Vince are standing right behind them. Then they yell at the guys and I think Shane punches one of them out or something like that.

“What I wanted to do was get Kevin Dunn to feed back in the bottom of the scene, so that we would be seeing them still standing in the ring and the audience cheering or whatever it is they were doing when we pull out so that the audience understands what these guys are laughing at. Vince is like, ‘No, God damn it.’ Then he gets on the headset with Kevin Dunn and says, ‘Just put the Raw logo up and we’ll come out of the logo.’

“I said to him, ‘Vince, that’s not going to make any sense to the audience.’ He said, ‘Yes it will. We’re just doing it.’ I said, ‘No, let me explain.’ He said, ‘I don’t want to hear an explanation.’ I said, ‘You f–king hired me, I’m going to give you an explanation.’ His eyes went wide with shock.

“I think the thing that pissed him off is that I did all of this in front of everybody standing there. But, he was just shutting me down without listening to what I had to say and I was f–king right.

“Anyway, we go back and forth and it’s his company so Vince gets it his way. When it aired, the shot didn’t make any sense whatso-f–king-ever. You couldn’t tell what the guys were laughing at. Then, after the scenes over, he says, ‘You come with me right now!’ I was like, ‘OK,’ thinking I was going to get fired, frankly.

“He lights me up outside, saying, ‘God damn it! How dare you get on my case in front of people. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.’ Understand, there are fans in the background because we’re standing right outside the arena. There were fans way back that were wondering what the f–k Vince was doing yelling at this little Jewish kid. [Laughs.] I just refused to back down and said, ‘My way is the right way. You did it wrong.’ He said, ‘God damn it, I wish you were 6’7”.’ I said, ‘I’m not but I’m standing right here.’ I get pretty pissed myself.

“There was a moment in that conversation where I thought he was just going to haul off and punch me in the face. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking like a bad ass here, like I would have won this confrontation. [Laughs.] He probably would have broken my jaw. But that was the big, almost-coming-to-blows confrontation. I’m convinced to this day that he thought about knocking the s–t out of me.

“I think it became a game to Vince. (Fellow ex-WWE writer) Court (Bauer) and I played this little game once. I was going to pitch this idea that everybody on the writing team believed in and we decided, you know what — because Vince liked Court a lot — you know what Court, let’s have you pitch this. He did and it got over and I know with a certainty that if I had pitched the same idea, it wouldn’t have. I think for Vince — and this was right before I quit — it became the game of ‘how far can I push this guy before he blows up?'”

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