WWE/Mid South Update, Beth Phoenix MIA, Lita Backstage at WWE Shows

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter



– Amy “Lita” Dumas was visiting friends at the WWE live events in the Carolinas this past weekend. For those wondering, she is not looking at getting back into wrestling.

– There have been ongoing negotiations by WWE to get the old Mid South Wrestling tape library, owned by Ene Watts, the ex-wife of Hall of Famer Bill Watts. WWE has been trying to get the collection for years now but Ene and her family’s price tag has been too high. Bill Watts has nothing to do with this. Apparently the Watts family has been trying to negotiate a contract for former WCW star Erik Watts as a wrestler as part of the deal but WWE doesn’t seem too big on that idea.

– Beth Phoenix has not been seen on RAW much lately but sources say there is no heat on her and she is not suffering from any kind of injury. Her absence is just explained as creative not having a spot for her in the title picture right now and that they’re going more for the bikini look for the Divas on RAW right now.

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