Why WWE’s first lesbian love affair story was cancelled 21-years-ago

Back even before Eric Bischoff was the General Manager of Raw and introduced Hot Lesbian Action (or “HLA” as he affectionately called it) into the WWE Universe, there was Marlena and Sable. Marlena was Goldust’s wife and Sable was married to Marc Mero (although she would later end up with Brock Lesnar).



WWE teased a love interest angle between Marlena and Sable for a while in 1996 where Sable would be brought gifts from Marlena. A cute little love affair was teased between the two but out of nowhere it seemed to dissolve and it was revealed Goldust had been giving the gifts to Sable through his wife as an intermediary.

Bruce Prichard recently spoke about this lesbian love angle on an episode of Something To Wrestle With and explained why it ended so quickly.

“Vince actually got cold feet,” Bruce said. “We started it, and we started it with Marlena coming onto Sable. The idea behind that was the whole package that Goldust package of Goldust and Marlena — this androgynous couple. Both of them probably swing in and every way.”

“So it was started that way and Vince got cold feet. I don’t know if it was pressure from USA or if he just felt watching it that it was uncomfortable going there for whatever reason. But we had planned on going full-hilt.”


Who knows what Bruce Prichard meant by “full hilt” but we can only assume that they would have used the Attitude Era to their full advantage on that one. It was certainly ahead of its time and might have sparked a ton of controversy, so in the end it might have been a good idea to leave that idea in their Box Of Gimmicks for a little while longer.

Quotes for this article goes to Something To Wrestle With and WrestlingNews.co

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