WWE’s Future Plans for Old School RAW, Ryback’s ‘Horse’ Line About Lilian Garcia

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:



* January 3rd in Fayetteville, NC drew 5,200 fans
* January 4th in Greensboro, NC drew 8,500 fans
* January 5th in Fairfax, VA drew 4,000 fans
* January 6th in Baltimore for RAW drew 7,000 fans

– There’s talk of doing the Old School RAW on the Monday in January that the BCS title game takes place every year now.

– There was a lot of backstage talk about Ryback’s line on commentary at Old School RAW where he apologized for his voice being hoarse, and then blamed it on hanging around with Lilian Garcia. As you may know, Lilian has been mocked for years with the idea she’s got a horse face.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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