WWE’s Lack Of Faith in Christian as a Main Event Guy, Feud With Edge Won’t Happen

Former WWE creative team member John Piermarini has started his blog (http://wrestlingrecall.blogspot.com/) in which he has released a ton of scoops regarding things that occured in the company during the two years he was employed. The blog has since been pulled (the Website does say it will be back soon) but we have managed to retain some of the things Piermarini said. Here is what he wrote about popular WWE star Christian and the company’s internal view of him:



“As much as it seems Christian turns into the fan favorite choice to win Money in the Bank Match each year it’s not going to happen. Christian is seen as a good hand that can help some of the younger talent and does not have a lot of support from higher ups to be a Main Event guy. Edge vs. Christian as a Main Event program has been pitched to death and rejected every time.”

“Before Christian was injured a story was being developed to turn Christian heel and work a program with Matt Hardy. The seeds were being dropped on Smackdown at the time Christian was injured.”

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