WWE’s legal response to “false allegations” of the Saudi trip

WWE’s previous trip to Saudi Arabia was not without controversy. Many of the wrestlers who went to Saudi Arabia for WWE Crown Jewel last year were delayed getting back following the conclusion of the October 31st event. Owing to this, the November 1st episode of Smackdown was changed.



There were many reports that suggested they were ”held hostage” due to money issues between Vince McMahon & Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

It seems the incident has become a topic of conversation once again due to a class action investor lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed that WWE misrepresented their business prospects in the Middle East and damaged their partnership with Saudi Arabia.

In response to the lawsuit, WWE’s outside legal counsel, Jerry McDevitt at K&L Gates issued a statement to Forbes. He addressed a testimony of “confidential witness 2 (CW2)”, who was a wrestler that worked in WWE from 2012 till April of this year.

“These false allegations were originally made in two suits filed by two different law firms.

“After the Court appointed a third firm to be lead counsel, WWE provided all three law firms with specific detailed facts from the persons with actual knowledge of the situation, including the phony allegation about the plane. The first two law firms then dropped their lawsuits to avoid sanction motions, but the third firm chose to ignore the specific facts they had been provided, and instead cited an unnamed disgruntled former wrestler with no knowledge of the facts. WWE is preparing its response to the lawsuit and will be moving to have it dismissed.”

We will keep you updated on this ongoing matter.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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