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WWE’s mindset for Lars Sullivan’s push

Lars Sullivan

  • BB

    The guy does/did absolutely nothing for me on NXT, and in my personal opinion I think he’s still way too green for the main roster. In the ring he’s ‘okay’ but as far as mic skills go he’s still miles away in that department. I think he’s very much gonna go the way of a Tye Dillinger/Sanity. I honestly don’t see the fans getting behind him. Hopefully we don’t get a Roman/Braun 2.0 where he just gets shoved down our throats no matter what we say.

  • Mike the Ike

    Lars Sullivan will never amount to anything other than being the new Snitsky. He’s too ugly to draw and has a garbage name. WWE could have named this man anything and they went with Lars Sullivan. It’s Husky Harris bad.

  • CC

    NXT is a money loser and if one guy makes it on the main roster it means it makes the loss worthwhile?
    That makes absolutely zero sense.
    Considering how many people have come through NXT then WWE just gives up on them on the main roster speaks volumes about how Vince views it.

    Now days they just bring people up for the sake of it as has recently been proved by Sanity and Ember Moon for instance. Brought up with absolutely no plan for them.

    There have been a few success stories from NXT so far, but if someone making it to the main event of WM is what WWE considers fair game to justify the money loss in NXT, why do they not get behind someone like Rusev who was so organically over with fans, they essentially had a blank cheque they could have cashed out at a high amount.
    The same could be said for Finn Balor. One injury and they gave up on him despite pushing him into a championship spot shortly after debuting him on the main roster.

    As it stands, the fact they have not even announced which brand he is going to makes most of us think that once again they are gonna bring someone up that they have no plans for.

    The simple fact is, if WWE wants their moneys worth from NXT they need to bring people up when they have actual solid plans for them, and stick with them instead of giving up after a few weeks.