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WWE’s reasoning for Brock Lesnar winning Money In The Bank

Brock Lesnar MITB

Brock Lesnar invaded the Money In The Bank match towards the end of the event and won the match, earning the MITB briefcase. WWE needs to increase their ratings for the product, so they decided to use Brock Lesnar to help with that.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the scripting of the match was done in a way to to draw heat on Lesnar after his win. The other competitors were taking huge bumps in order to win and then Lesnar got to run in without taking a bump and win the match.

The main part of their reasoning was to increase the ratings for RAW the next night and the week to follow where Brock will reveal what he’ll do with the MITB contract.

It was all about a momentary pop and surprise, as well as two weeks of television ratings. The feeling was that the Lesnar surprise would help ratings based on curiosity the next night, which it did.

It will be interesting to see what Lesnar does next week on RAW.

  • BleepBleepBeep

    A “t-shirt company” with a growing roster and tv deal on a network almost everyone with cable can access.

  • MT McGee

    Great Khali is going to interrupt Lesnar and challenge him for Sweet Saudi Oppression 3: Even More Oppressivier.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Dumbest reason ever.

  • Vince Russo

    Bro, I got the hottest angle for the show, bro: We have Zayn taken out backstage bro and then we get Strowman accused. Bro, listen, this is gonna big a HUGE surprise bro. Strowman says he ain’t involved and no one believes him bro. Then at the end of the match BOOM we had Lesnar come down and destroy EVERYONE bro. Camera men go down. Ladders do down. He attacks the guys in the ring and climbs the ladder and gets the case. The audience won’t care why he’s there bro. You don’t even need to explain it. It will be great bro.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    I bet the guy who ran down to the ring and took no bumps made more money that night than all the wrestlers who did take bumps combined. And with that said, a t shirt company is putting on their first show tomorrow. Can’t wait

  • Omar

    Reminds me of another Vince who pulled off stunts for ratings in the waning years of WCW