X-Pac lauds Brock Lesnar for his impressive display against Finn Balor

The 2019 Royal Rumble saw Brock Lesnar retain his Universal title over Finn Balor in what was an incredibly fast-paced match. The Beast Incarnate achieved a rare submission victory after Balor tapped out to the Kimura lock.



Former WWE wrestler X-Pac spoke heavily of Lesnar on the recent edition of his podcast “X-Pac 1,2, 360”. Sean Waltman (X-Pac) claimed that he was impressed with Lesnar’s selling to Balor’s offence. He went on to add:

“He did his role so believably well, and the selling, And my thing with Brock has always been, I mean since 2002 when he first got to the main roster, I was like okay, this guy is ‘invincible’ like there has to be a chink in the armor. Any guy, any big monster has to have a chink in the armor, right? So, that was the chink in the armor. You know the corner of the desk of the announcer table and just the way he works is so believable and look he’s f’n great okay? Bottom line.”

This was Lesnar’s first outing ever since retaining the gold against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel in a short bout.

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