X-Pac Speaks on His Wrestling Career, His New Ex-Diva Girlfriend and More

– Former WWE and WCW wrestler Sean “X-Pac” Waltman has posted his first blog on MySpace and it’s an interesting one. Here’s the blog in it’s entirety, with some of the f-bomb’s edited:



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My first blog

This is my first blog on here. Alicia was taking care of this site for me. She and I are no longer together , but she is still a dear friend. I am doing excellent right now. Work is good. I travel and do conventions. I will be at Wizard World in Chicago Aug 7,8,9th. Aug 8th Im wrestling Al Snow for Great Lakes Championship Wrestling in Millwaukee. I go to Ireland in August for AWR with RVD and Sabu. I hope to catch up on some serious smoking with those two.

In my personal life, I am blessed to have a new lady in my life. Her name is Nidia, and if you are wondering if it the same Nidia that worked for Vince, yes it is. She treats me like a king and I do my best to treat her like the queen that she is. Very cool to have her in my life.

I work mostly here in Mexico for AAA. How am I doing at this blog shit so far? I try to keep up with the wrestling in the US and the rest of the world. I am really paying attenton to whats going on in our world. We are losing our freedoms and civil liberties right before our eyes. I dont believe the governments official story of 911. I no longer believe in the false left right paradigm. The Democrats and Republicans have sold us the f*** out to the Federal Reserve and Intenational bankers. The Federal Reserve isnt even f***ing federal. No more than Federal Express. If you give a f*** about what Im talking about please check out Alex Jones website infowars.com. Check out his documentaries on youtube. check out the movie Loose Change on youtube. learn for youselves. OK Ill get off my soap box now.

Speaking of youtube and google video. I have seen some matches of mine on there that I forgot Id even had. Myself, Scott Hall, Nash vs Flair, Piper, and Greene. 123 kid vs Bret Hart. Me vs The Rock, Vs RVD, Vs a whole f***ing bunch of great guys. Its like going through old high school yearbooks or something. f*** it, Ive gotta run. Thanks to everyone. Ill try not to be a stranger. Oh, one more thing 4 the record. I shit in Juventud Guerreras bag. I confided in that little prick about something very private. That little f***er told me I promise baby, I wont tell anyone. He then went on an internet radio show and told everyone what had happened with me. He just came out and said it. No one asked him about me. SO f*** HIM. Im done with him. Im not mad at him anymore. He no longer exists. I look forward to Chicago Wizard World in a few weeks. Piper will be there. Kevin Nash, who I havent seen sinse he came all the way to Mexico to be there for a friend last year. Im most looking forward to seeing Nidia for 3 days. Que f***ing Rico!
OK I really have to go eat, smoke a joint with Jack Evans and go to the gym.

Ill be back

Sean Waltman

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