Xavier Woods believe the New Day should stay together

With the reports of Vince McMahon wanting to do something different with the New Day emerging again, the debate on whether or not they should stay together has been reignited.



The trio has stayed together for a long time and done almost everything they can as a tag team, which is why many believe that a break up is long overdue.

However, there are others who believe that they should stick together and one of people who believe the same is none other than a member of the faction, Xavier Woods.

During a recent interview with  Post and Courier, Woods was asked about these rumors and he claimed that the New Day is staying together forever:

“New Day’s staying together forever. In the easiest terms, it’s the most fun option for us. Obviously Kofi was killing it already. E was doing well. It’s helped all three of us to make sure that we’re on TV, make sure that we get microphones in our hands, and possibly the most important thing in the company, it’s helped us with opportunities to have amazing matches with other teams that are just as amazing.”

Do you think the New Day should stick together or should the company go ahead and break them up? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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