Xavier Woods Calls Out Major WWE Firing

Xavier Woods is usually a very happy and upbeat person. Xavier isn’t feeling that way as of now, sadly. Woods is heated right now over recent WWE firings which saw over thirty people released from the company. Woods brings up some incredible reasons why he’s feeling so mad right now. WWE Fire Big Names For Surprising ‘Merger’.



Xavier Woods tweeted the following about Brian Pellegato, who was let go earlier today as part of WWE’s cost-cutting: “Without @Pelle1105 – An unbooked me wouldn’t have been able to hone my mic skills on the WWE app – I wouldn’t have had a creative space to build chemistry with @WWEBigE & @TrueKofi – I wouldn’t have been able to create @UpUpDwnDwn – I wouldn’t have the life I have now.”

It’s very sad to see Xavier bent out of shape about this as it seems like Brian did a ton to help out his career. Many stars are feeling the effects of having Brian gone as well as many behind the scenes are going nuts over why Brian would ever be let go as he was a huge asset for the talent and the company alone.

We will be watching this closely to see what deeper reasons may come at the firing of Pellegato.

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