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Xavier Woods Comments On The New Day And His Goals In WWE

Xavier Woods recently spoke with Sports Illustrated about The New Day and his goals in WWE. Here are the highlights.

On The New Day:

“Every time I go out with Kofi and Big E, I feel like it was our best one,” said Woods. “I feel like we’re exponentially having a good time, and it increases every single time we do something. Since we’ve been doing New Day stuff, I’ve felt good about everything we’ve done. And that tells me, from a very critical standpoint, that I’m really enjoying myself. Those two guys are genuinely my friends, and they’re amazing human beings. It’s pure bliss going out there and being us.”

On his goals in WWE:

“‘Stone Cold’ [Steve Austin] explained that if you’re not trying to be heavyweight champion, then you’re in the wrong business,” said Woods. “That’s interesting to me because my goal is to make sure Kofi becomes heavyweight champion. He is the guy who absolutely deserves it over anyone else in the company. My long-term goal is to help, in whatever way I can, Kofi become heavyweight champion.”

“Long-term, I want to win a Slammy every year for the next fifteen years,” said Woods. “I don’t have any yet, but they’re coming up next week.”

You can read the entire interview here.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I understand that Kofinis a phenomenal talent, but there’s many MANY more wrestlers that deserve/would make more sense of becoming WHC. I just don’t see it benefiting the company to se Lofi as WHC.

  • Mob Starr

    At least he keeps it real. He realizes he has no real chance of being the champ.