Xavier Woods: “I was told we don’t need another Kofi Kingston”

The New Day debuted their new podcast this week and in the first episode of the show, the trio talked about their history in WWE and their start as a faction.



During the interview, Xavier Woods also recalled his early days in WWE and revealed what he was told backstage when he first arrived at the scene.

The former Champion explained that he when he first came to the company; he was told to do something different because they already had a Kofi:

“I’m in WWE, everybody is telling me constantly, ‘You gotta do something to differentiate yourself. We already have a Kofi.’ [Me and Big E] coming to Kofi [to join New Day] was one of the harder things for me to do because my whole career, I tried to separate myself from Kofi because I was always told, ‘We have a high energy black guy. You need to be something completely different.’ When I made it to the main roster, I wasn’t doing anything,”

Continuing on the topic, Woods recalled his early feud with Brodus Clay and the angle where he stole Clay’s gimmick and he discussed how he is thankful for it because it got him TV time.

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