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Xavier Woods on how his channel has helped change backstage moral in WWE

Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods has not only found success as part of the New Day faction on WWE TV, but he has also built a brand for himself in his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel.

During a recent interview with Sports Interactive Network Philippines, Woods talked about his channel and revealed that while WWE edits some things out, he has about 92% creative control over the contents of his channel.

Continuing on the topic, he also explained how his channel has changed the morals backstage and helped some stars in coming close:

“For us, it’s upped morale by a hundred percent! There are guys who might not have been as close to each other and now, they’ve got a tight-knit battle they’ll want to get to when they get to the arena. So it helps in that respect. And honestly, that boosts everyone up so once we’re in the ring, performing, we’re a lot more comfortable with each other. It’s very healthy for the locker room, I think.”

Apart from this, Xavier Woods also talked about playing as himself in WWE 2K19, how his channel has helped people to cut better promos and more.