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Xavier Woods On The Creation Of The New Day And Their Gimmick Evolving

WWE star Xavier Woods recently spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald about how the New Day was created and the New Day’s gimmick. Here are the highlights.

On how the New Day was created:

“There was a course of six or seven months where we weren’t really on TV and hanging out all the time,” Woods said. “We were trying to get the ball rolling on stuff. We would have meetings with Vince [McMahon]. Before we debuted on TV, we thought this was not something that may not work, but will work regardless of what it is because our chemistry will make it happen.”

On the New Day’s gimmick:

“We just do stuff,” Woods said. “It can come out of nowhere. When we go out, we have an idea and our music hits, then it’s like we just go and do whatever pops in our head. Then stuff happens to stick. That’s why we keep doing it. I like to clear my mind and not think about where I’m going. I like to let my body do what it wants. Kofi is the same way, as is Big E. We have very good chemistry. So whatever my brain ends up doing, they’re brain is going to do something that will compliment it and vice-versa. It’s worked out very well.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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