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Xavier Woods reveals the worst injury he has seen

Xavier Woods

TMZ recently caught up with New Day Member Xavier Woods and during the interview, woods talked about a number of wrestling-related things.

During the talk, the reporter asked the former Champion about the worst injury he has seen in a wrestling ring and replying to the question, the SmackDown Star revealed an injury of his own.

He recalled a time when he got kicked in the face so hard that his two front teeth were pushed back into his mouth and it broke his gum in half:

“One time, I got kicked in the face and my two front teeth flattened up against the top of my mouth, and it broke my gum in half in the front, I wanted to keep going, but they were like, ‘You’re gonna bleed everywhere’ and I was losing blood real fast. I could tell when I started swallowing it, so I had to get out of the ring. When I got to the emergency room—because your adrenaline’s pumping, you don’t feel it, but while we’re sitting in the waiting room it was like, ‘Oh. Oh this is what pain is.'”

Xavier Woods went on to detail how the doctors fixed his face and revealed that they had to remove his two teeth due to the injury. You can check out his comments in the video below: