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The Young Bucks On Possibly Joining WWE

The Young Bucks spoke to Sports Illustrated about possibly joining WWE. Here is what the tag team had to say:

Nick Jackson:

“You don’t need to make it with WWE to be a successful wrestler. We’re trying to change that perception and prove otherwise. The last few years, we’ve done better financially than a lot of guys in the WWE. No one knows that, but it’s possible to make a living without them. It takes a lot of hustle, but it’s possible.”

Matt Jackson:

“Could we handle the WWE? We don’t know. It’s never been a real enough thing for me to even to know. Maybe one day will come and then I’ll know how I feel about it. But if they want to make money, then the WWE is missing out by not having us. We are a proven draw without the WWE machine behind us.”

You can read the full interview at this link.

  • Chris E.

    I like to see the Bucks have some control of their creative direction. I liked Del Rio on the indies but this League of Nations…yuk. WWE can be great money but a piss-poor spot on the roster.

  • nick

    i mean they are making good money on their merch as well though. Not only have they made a name for themselves, but they are making money doing it, more then almost all indie guys and some wwe guys

  • Chris E.

    I like that they can make a name and make money on the indies. I would be interested to know the range of pay guys make from NJPW, ROH, NOAH, Lucha Underground, AAA, TNA etc..

  • The Killswitch

    I mean, sure you can make a name for yourself in the indies. I think half of the active talent is a testament to that.