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Zack Ryder on Behind The Match, Cena Admits to In-ring Accident, WWE Stocks Update, More

– Zack Ryder discusses his 2011 TLC pay-per-view match against Dolph Ziggler in the latest Behind The Match video:

– E! posted a sneak peek clip from Total Divas, were Nikki Bella tells boyfriend John Cena that Natalya peed her pants in the ring after being hit by Naomi. Cena went one better, admitting, “I pooped myself once.”

– The WWE crew will have time off this weekend before heading overseas after next week’s TV tapings.

– Since this morning’s third quarter conference call ended, WWE’s stock price has jumped to 13.14, making it up $1.30 for the day. This is huge for WWE as stocks have not been this high since 2011.

  • Seth Becker

    Without the show, he never would have gotten a push. It’s a shame that the WWE claims to be social media friendly, then buries the guy who showed them that social media can be good for your product.

  • millerj265

    How exactly, considering in 07 when Benoit killed himself Cena was already a 3 time champion holding the title for a combined 27 months give or take a few days, that’s over 2yrs, 2yrs in which Benoit did not one time challenge him for the title in a one on one match, so how was not wrestling Cena dominating him exactly? Plus Cena beat Benoit in 03 to become the #1 contender for Lesners wwe title at backlash, and in there last match against each other in 07 before Benoits death on raw a few weeks before mania 23, Cena beat Benoit again making him tap out to the STF. Once again you are in everyway imaginable wrong, and factually incorrect about the subject in which you are talking about, while simultaneously making yourself look like an idiot by speaking like you are the smartest wrestling fan who ever lived, who thinks his knowledge of wrestling surpasses all others, when in reality 99% of everything you say is either incorrect, or its an outright lie you’ve made up to try and support your arguments about a wrestling topic. Go educate yourself, first in how to spell and write in an intelligible way, then on the history of pro wrestling, something you lack a great deal of knowledge on kid.

  • millerj265

    Your sentence made little to no sense, in either its content, or its spelling and continuity. Go back and finish grade school first and then come back and attempt to make a logical argument, and maybe try actually reading what I wrote first(that is if you can fully read, which you probably cant, seeing as you cant spell either you probably can only make out a few words here and there) and seeing that I nvr once dissed Cena who I think is a great wrestler who is unfairly crapped on because the wwe not him, has failed to create other stars. And second maybe stop dropping this whole history stuff like you are the only person who has ever watched wrestling past 5yrs ago, just because I don’t mention the angle at WrestleMania 17 where Austin turned heel by aligning himself with Vince and destroying the rock with multiple chair shots in order to beat him, doesn’t mean iv nvr seen it you idiot, nor does it even slightly apply to what I was talking about anyways. So go, finish grade school, move on up into high school, struggle threw that, and if your too dumb to graduate go and get your GED, then come on back and make an argument that makes some version of sense. Of course if you already graduated from high school and you still are this stupid and illiterate, then your one sad pathetic SOB. Done deal Peace moron.

  • God of Entertainment

    The screwjobs are coming because of ridiculous fans such as urself. They don’t know when to boo or cheer. They want”B player” Daniel Bryan as champion and won’t give a reaction unless if he is the champ. It has nothing to do withthe storyline. If u knew ur history, u would know this storyline has been executed multiple times when the crowd wouldn’t feed into the storyline given like Austins heel turn for example. Ppl like u still cheered while he turned “heel”initially by himself, it took Vince coming and ruining most of the classics he had to work him over as a heel. U don’t hear anyone saying that they didn’t give their all back then, so don’t use that excuse for Bryan to make him seem on the same level as Cena. JohnCena33 is right because of 1 reason, Cena is a better actor. Not a better wrestler but like I just said, Orton is an A+ player so technical needs aren’t required in the ring with him. U need a person that stands out and can work over Orton becoming a heel again which Bryan can’t do cause his mic skills are HORRIBLE! Done deal peace

  • God of Entertainment

    Bryan is overrated too. Cena is far from a 5 star wrestler because technically he isn’t good enough to be on that level. The death of Benoit really excelled Cenas career, Benoit dominated Cena like CM Punk has in recent memory. The WWE is waiting for another “buff” technical master and won’t ever have that kinda guy again. CM Punk is a 5 star wrestler as well as Orton, the rest are B players.

  • God of Entertainment

    That show hurt Zack Ryder. They told him over and over to stop it. He continued, got buried and now wants to listen. Too late Ryder fans, they have already implemented a new wave of young talent in WWE.

  • millerj265

    Ah I knew it was something funky lol, but im sure these things happen, especially with the wwes schedule and the pressure put on them to preform sick or not.

  • Matt Trovato

    Actually when he had food poisoning, the played the clip on the radio this morning.

  • millerj265

    He has talked about this before, he said it happened when he had the flu, he said he rolled out of the ring and crawled under it, and proceeded to shat himself silly lol.

  • Shawn OB

    I’m sure other wrestlers would want their “opponents” to take a bathroom break before their matches much like they want them to take a shower in case they stink like crap.

  • millerj265

    I agree he has, although I think bryan and orton could have better matches then orton and cena, if there hearts were all the way in there matches. But when you know your match is only secondary to the HHH power trip storyline, and nothing you do in your match matters much because in the end the big payoff will be some sort of interference or screw job by HHH. I’m sure it makes going all out in a match a little tougher knowing your match isn’t the main focus of the angle or the night.

  • millerj265

    His match with umaga at the rumble in 07 was a classic, his match with sandow on raw was a great match 2, also he has had very good matches with batista as well, not 5 stars but close to if not at least 4 stars. and HBK may be the greatest wrestler to ever preform, put him in the ring with a lex luger, or a hulk Hogan, or any # of other men that are as bad as Cena is said to be and lets see if Shawn can pull out an hr long 5 star match. Cenas nowhere near the greatest wrestler to ever compete but he could not physically have had the amount of 5 star matches he has had without being good, plain and simple.

  • JohnCena33

    It takes two to dance, so Cena is a top five wrestler, he puts on five star matches in the biggest moments, he has put on better matches with Orton than Bryan has.

  • CiB

    So, millerj265, what you’re saying is that when Cena is in there with people who could put on a good match with cardboard cut out, he’s not too bad?

  • millerj265

    Yea like his match with HBK on raw in 07, or every match with punk, and lets not forget all the edge matches, or his match with bryan at summer slam, nothing but steaming piles of crap everywhere you look.

  • Seth Becker

    The end of True Long Island Story really hurt Ryder.

  • Stumpy

    Cena drops a load in the ring every time he “wrestles”.